For Chocolate Lovers everywhere

We have taken our Original Modjeska and infused 100% Guittard Dark Chocolate into the Caramel to create our Dark Chocolate Modjeska. If you love Chocolate, Caramel and Marshmallow, then this is going to be heaven.

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1 Pound Gift Box 'Modjeskas'

Picture of 1 Pound Gift Box 'Modjeskas'
1 Pound Gift Box 'Modjeskas' (20-24 Pieces)

From $20.00 (USD)

12oz Gift Box 'Modjeskas'

Picture of 12oz Gift Box 'Modjeskas'
12oz Gift Box 'Modjeskas' (15-18 Pieces)

From $15.00 (USD)

2 Pound Gift Box 'Modjeskas'

Picture of 2 Pound Gift Box 'Modjeskas'
2 Pound Gift Box 'Modjeskas' (40-48 Pieces)

From $40.00 (USD)

24oz Gift Box 'Modjeskas'

Picture of 24oz Gift Box 'Modjeskas'
24oz Gift Box 'Modjeskas' (30-36 Pieces)

From $30.00 (USD)

4oz Gift Bag 'Modjeskas'

Picture of 4oz Gift Bag 'Modjeskas'
4oz Gift Bag 'Modjeskas' (4-5 pieces)

From $5.00 (USD)

8oz Gift Bag 'Modjeskas'

Picture of 8oz Gift Bag 'Modjeskas'
8oz Gift Bag 'Modjeskas' (9-12 Pieces)

From $10.00 (USD)

8oz Gift Box 'Modjeskas'

Picture of 8oz Gift Box 'Modjeskas'
8oz Gift Box 'Modjeskas' (9-12 Pieces)

From $10.00 (USD)

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