Dear Customers,

Bauer’s Candies greatly values your business. Our customers are and always will be our top priority. We would like to inform you that although we have required the Hepatitis A vaccination of all employees since October of this year, an employee who tested positive for the virus worked in our facility between the dates of November 16 – 23rd, 2018.

Upon notification of his illness, Bauer’s voluntarily closed the facility, discarded all candy in house, sanitized per protocol, and began working with Federal and State agencies. An investigation by our local health department and the FDA found that the risk of contamination to the candy made during this time is extremely low. These agencies have cleared us to continue operation. No candy products manufactured after November 25 are affected in any way.

Please contact us directly by phone: (502) 839-3700 or by email: if you have any questions regarding this matter.

We’d like to sincerely thank our loyal customers for the support they have given us and the messages they’ve sent us during this time. We are proud of our 130 year history of providing an exceptional product and will move forward continuing to do so.


Anna Bauer, President
Bauer’s Candies, Inc.